Progressive Benefit Solutions is a technology-based company providing employers with proven web-based solutions for HR management and benefit administration. Based in Branford, CT.

“Our ability to deliver solid, reliable performance for customers has consistently set us apart from our competition."  

Bud Torello        Founder & CEO

Company Information

Progressive Benefits Solutions (PBS) is a technology-based company based in Branford, CT that has created software systems that change the way employers purchase and manage their employee benefits.  Designed to cover the entire benefit lifecycle from open enrollment to post-enrollment, PBS has developed systems that aid in the administration of benefits for any employee population.


Specifically, PBS specializes in the administration of benefit administration systems, building web-based private exchanges for carriers and broker agencies, as well as IRS pre-tax benefit plans and consumer directed health plans.


What is a private exchange and how does it work? A private exchange has the potential to change the way businesses shop for benefits. It is an online store, similar to a retail website, where employees can shop around and compare and purchase health insurance and other benefits.  PBS has developed private exchanges based on three configurations:


  • Single-Carrier / Insurer Exchange

  • Multi-Carrier / Third Party / Corporate Exchange (Employer sponsored)

  • Hybrid Exchange


PBS software partnerships offer a software solution to easily consolidate multiple HRA tasks. This comes together on a simple and intuitive platform allowing employees to spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting their business growth.


The company's customizable and flexible platform lets clients easily manage benefits, regardless of size.  The PBS software solution is not simply a "shop and enroll suite." It is a fully configurable rules-based system supported by a trusted third-party administrator that full understands employee benefits.


Given its advantages, the PBS solution is especially desirable for small- to mid-sized businesses with 25-500 employees.  For employers faced with the challenges of the Affordable Care Act, the PBS software suite is also outstanding.  

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