C-CO Technology is one of New England’s leading independent providers of dedicated cabling and POS infrastructure services. Customers receive independent advice and implementation of solutions that best fit their needs. Based in Newtown, CT.

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Company Information

C-CO Technology excels as a provider of structured cabling and fiber optic installations.  The company designs, installs and supports professional cabling infrastructures virtually every single week of the year.  


As an investment, structured cabling provides exceptional Return on Investment (ROI). When designed correctly, a structured cabling system typically outlives all other networking components and only requires minimal upgrades.


A strong proponent and partner of the global industry leader RUCKUS wireless solutions, C-CO carries an extremely strong field staff to ensure any RUCKUS project exceeds all expectations. The company also brings a wealth of experience and a strong reference base of small to mid-sized business clients to Group 26.


At C-CO, the entire staff is dedicated to a high level of corporate responsibility.  The company believes that its actions should be first and foremost ethical. At C-CO, they believe that everything flows from strong ethics. This means "treating people fairly, being a positive force in the community and keeping promises." 


The remainder of the company's stated corporate responsibility reflects its manner of conducting business:


"We are only as good as our behavior to our employees our customers and our community. Feel free to judge and measure C-CO against our own words." 


"For many companies, corporate responsibility statements are words created by public relations departments or outside consultants. They rarely filter down to employees or corporate behavior. At C-CO we take this seriously.  We live by our words and all our employees know what our core values are and how we live by them."

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