A highly respected national talent acquisition partner, Bohan & Bradstreet has a successful history of acquiring top employee prospects across diverse business functions and industries. Based in Guilford, CT.


“We started in 1987 as a regional recruiting firm focused on the Northeast, and have since grown into a national talent acquisition partner."


"We are a consultative firm with a successful history of acquiring top talent across diverse business functions and industries. B&B has seen it all – employer and employee driven markets, mergers and consolidations, outsourcing and offshoring to name a few – and we have thrived as advisors during these ever-changing times.”      Edward C. Bradstreet, President   


Company Information

Bohan & Bradstreet is a boutique search firm with 26 years of success in securing and filling searches for senior staff to executive level talent for all kinds of businesses, from emerging start-ups to NYSE-list global corporations in consumer products, OEMs, professional services, medical device, energy, investment management, financial services, and so on.


Each year, the company partners with more than 100 client companies to define career opportunities and secure talent.  The search team consists of former accounting, engineering, human resource, IT, marketing and sales professionals who enjoy consulting with business leaders and being a catalyst in the identification and hiring of talent that support client companies' strategy and vision.


Each member of the team at Bohan & Bradstreet learns as much as possible about a potential employer's business model.  They analyze each client's corporate culture, organization, products or services, market channels, customers, management style, business trends, impending challenges and opportunities, and so on.  


They help to identify, source, evaluate and present selected professional profiles that are ideal for a client’s search. To accomplish this, they are also highly visible to both clients and candidates during the entire hiring process.

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