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Establish, nurture and maintain successful business relationships with clients built upon the core values of INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. 
Create lasting alliances between a select group of technology thought leaders and clients across a broad spectrum of business interests.  

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Group 26 Technology Consultants LLC was formed in 2015 by Allan M. LaPrino to create a new better different way for business leaders in CT and the Tri-State area to acquire first-class technology expertise.  

In addition to bringing a "best of the best" team of partners to the business communities of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Western MA and Rhode Island, the key ingredients to Group 26 will always be INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. 

An exciting development in the Group 26 Technology business model is the addition of enterprise-level coverage, as our partner network employee base has surpassed 1,000.  In addition to our small- and medium-sized core coverage, Group 26 is also now working with clients with multiple offices, both in the U.S. and globally, on a variety of projects and strategic support options. 

At Group 26 Technology Consultants, we are redefining the typical technology consulting/outsourcing paradigm. Instead of being the firm pushing to sell you IT hardware and/or software to satisfy short-term needs, we take a longer view. After earning a consulting relationship with you, we’ll develop IT solutions that last. In many cases, we can also identify state-of-the-art solutions that cost less and are easier to set up and maintain.  

We pledge to serve, not just as another vendor, but as your absolute TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY ADVISOR. Think of us as a deep, broad and powerful technology team enabling your leadership to do what they do best -- grow and lead your business without "breaking the bank or busting the budget."

Many leadership teams do not include specialized IT thought leaders. Our team has vetted industry trailblazers, partnering with those we feel best fit the requirements of a variety of businesses. Most often, no individual or company possesses all the skill sets they may promise and that your company may require. That fact is the key differentiator in Group 26’s value proposition.

If you have questions about how to solve any technology-related problems for your company, please give us a call at (203) 496-5404.

Allan M. LaPrino
Founder & Managing Director


Al has served in a variety of technology-based sales and sales management roles, including:  


1987–1999   Sales with Ried, Thunberg and Co. International Perspectives, a Federal Reserve and Forex consulting firm in Westport, CT, NYC and Washington, DC.


1999-2002   Several roles within DSL.net, based in New Haven, CT. Began in a sales capacity, moving to a Team Leader role and finally filling the position of National Outsourced Sales Director where sales increased from $400,000 a year to nearly $4 Million.


2002-2008  Senior Account Manager at The TNS Group in Stamford, CT.  Led the sales team in sales revenue production each year 2002-2007.  In addition, established company sales records each year (2005, 2006, and 2007).


2008-2015  Senior Account Manager, Director of New Business Development & Marketing for Advanced Office Systems in Branford, CT.


2015   Established Group 26 Technology Consultants, LLC to create a new better different way for small and mid-sized business in CT and the tri-state area to acquire technology expertise and management in a cost- effective manner.


From 1976-2014, Al served as a USA swimming coach in a variety of formats. Al has coached and mentored young student athletes in Maine, PA, Yale University, California and CT, taking them as far as representing the USA abroad and the USA Olympic Trials.  He has also personally coached the USA National Swim Team in various locations around the world and many segments in between.


Al has served with a variety of volunteer and charitable organizations, including: USA Swimming, Olympic International Organizing Committee, Senior Chairman, BOD of Pacific Swimming, Inc., Senior Chairman, BOD of CT Swimming, Inc., Junior Achievement of Southern New England, SARAH Foundation and more.


Al and his wife Jane live in Branford, CT, and enjoy spending time with children, grandchildren, friends and playing golf.

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